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Why a Green Home?

Economic benefits of Green and Healthy Homes:

  • Green and Healthy Homes workers have increased earnings
  • Fewer days are missed from school or work because of illness
  • Less money is spent on doctor and emergency room visits, heating and cooling, and water and other utilities
  • Increased property values for homeowners, and increased marketability for landlords

Healthy Homes are those that are designed and maintained to foster personal health and safety, and reduce energy usage. It is important to remember, however, that not all green homes are healthy and not all healthy homes are green.  Weather sealing improvements may help keep inhabitants’ energy costs down, but if the quality of the air that is sealed inside is poor, if inhabitants are exposed to lead hazards during the weatherization process, health will suffer.  There are many low-cost green interventions that can be performed to enhance comfort and reduce utility costs for residents.  Some interventions, such as filling in holes that harbor rodents as part of an integrated pest management strategy, not only make the unit healthier for residents but also enhance the structural integrity of the property, making it more energy efficient to heat and cool.

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Lead Safe Atlanta and Healthy Homes Atlanta are two great programs under the Green and Healthy Homes Initiative designed to provide free, practical improvements in your home to increase health and safety for your family.

For information on GHHI Atlanta and the Healthy Homes Atlanta program:
Phone: 404-223-3303 or email: ghhi@tcwfi.org
Fax: 404-586-0513

For information on the Lead Safe Atlanta program:
Phone: 404-546-LEAD or email: ghhi@tcwfi.org
Fax: 404-586-0513

By Mail:
The Center for Working Families, Inc.
Attn: Green and Healthy Homes
477 Windsor Street | Suite 101
Atlanta, GA 30291

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