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Local Pilot

As a Green and Healthy Homes Initiative (GHHI) Project Site, Atlanta is an emerging leader in the national movement to implement comprehensive green and healthy housing strategies and create healthy, affordable, and sustainable homes for low-income families. The Center for Working Families, Inc. (TCWFI) is an established, community-based nonprofit providing a range of employment, job creation, health, microenterprise development, and housing services. Together with the Annie E. Casey Foundation, the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta, the City of Atlanta, and many other local partners, TCWFI has led the GHHI project in Atlanta.

The GHHI Atlanta model applies a holistic approach to rehabilitating low-income and blighted housing through integrated Healthy Homes, lead hazard reduction, weatherization and energy efficiency interventions coupled with resident education and training to maintain the improvements. This strategy addresses the environmental, educational, health and social justice implications of green and healthy housing and results in improved quality of life among low-income, minority and vulnerable residents. Additionally, GHHI Atlanta will generate economic stimulation through job skills training, the creation of green jobs, and the creation of new sustainable small businesses and social enterprise.

GHHI Atlanta projects will be assessed on a case by case basis for program eligibility, resource allocation and hazard reduction impact. These units may undergo a comprehensive assessment (which includes an energy audit, a healthy homes assessment, and where indicated, a lead hazard risk assessment and indoor allergen testing), and integrated interventions to address residential risks to inhabitants’ health, safety, and energy efficiency. The goals of the project will be: to demonstrate the use of a holistic housing approach that implements a comprehensive health and housing assessment form; to utilize a single scope of work to address several intervention areas; and to cross-train workers to perform single stream interventions.


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Tab 2 – Lead Safe Atlanta

Assessments and Interventions

The Center for Working Families, Inc. has developed a comprehensive Environmental Health and Housing Assessment Form to be used for initial intake and housing assessment purposes. The form allows inspectors to assess multiple home-based environmental hazards simultaneously, including moisture, mold, indoor air quality, pest management, lead, and safety. While assessing home residences, inspectors will distribute GHHI Atlanta safety kits that include smoke alarms, a carbon monoxide detector, and first aid kits and, if children are present, cabinet locks and electrical outlet covers.

Health Assessments will look for:

• Elevated Blood Lead Levels
• Asthma
• Eczema
• Allergies
• Housing Related Injuries

Home Assessments will look for:

• Lead Hazards
• Indoor Pollutants
• Pest Infestation
• Carbon Monoxide
• Electrical Hazards
• Structural Hazards
• Broken or Absent Gutters
• Insulation and Weatherization
• Proper Ventilation

Interventions may include:

• Comprehensive resident health, safety, and energy conservation, and referrals to community agencies for services
• Weather stripping around doors and caulking to seal holes
• Venting in kitchen and for dryer
• Gutter/downspout replacement
• Lead-based paint stabilization
• Integrated pest management services
• Furnace and air conditioner filter replacement
• Allergen reduction and lead-specific cleaning


Our local partners include:

  • City of Atlanta
  • Annie E. Casey Foundation
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
  • Clark Atlanta University
  • Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta
  • National Coalition to End Childhood Lead Poisoning
  • Fulton County Department of Health
  • Georgia Department of Human Services
  • Georgia Environmental Finance Authority
  • Morehouse School of Medicine
  • Pittsburg Community Improvement Association
  • Senior Connections
  • Southface Energy Institute
  • Sustainable Atlanta
  • Sustainable Neighborhood Development Strategies
  • U.S. EPA (Region IV)
  • U.S. Dept of HHS (Region IV)
  • U.S. Dept of HUD (Region IV) among others.

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Lead Safe Atlanta and Healthy Homes Atlanta are two great programs under the Green and Healthy Homes Initiative designed to provide free, practical improvements in your home to increase health and safety for your family.

For information on GHHI Atlanta and the Healthy Homes Atlanta program:
Phone: 404-223-3303 or email: ghhi@tcwfi.org
Fax: 404-586-0513

For information on the Lead Safe Atlanta program:
Phone: 404-546-LEAD or email: ghhi@tcwfi.org
Fax: 404-586-0513

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